Welcome to BlocklyDuino for Mrtduino

What is this tool?

BlocklyDuino for Mrtduino is a tool that generate an Arduino code from Blocks. No need to know about how to write arduino code and remember Arduino instruction

Who can use this tool?

  • Kids from the age of 7
  • Beginner with Arduino programming
  • Teacher who want to teach arduino in the class
  • Expert with other Microcontroller who have not the time to remember the syntax of Arduino

Who made this tool?

The tool was improved by Adel Kassah (a computer science teacher in Tunisia) and now for Oscar Ferruz a Telecomunication engineer from Spain working in Logix5

This work is based on the work of Fred Lin (@gasolin) who created BlocklyDuino and Neil Fraser who created Blockly. I also took some blocks from www.technologiescollege.fr. Thanks to all!

Libraries to add in Arduino to work with some blocks:

    Libraries to install. You must install the libraries to use in your project.Not mandatory install all if you don´t use all these blocks

  • softPWM: This library is to use the MRT motors
  • DHT Adafruit : to use the DHT sensors
  • Adafruit Unifed sensor: to use the DHT sensors and other sensors
  • ReceiveIR: to use the generic remote control
  • EnableInterrupt: to use the MRT remote control IR
  • onewire: to use in the 18B20
  • DallasTemperature: to use in the 18B20
  • Encoder: to use the encoder sensor
  • Adafruit_NeoPixel: to use the ledstrip actuator
  • RTCLib by Adafruit: to use the RTC DS3231
  • DS1302: to use the RTC DS3231
  • Keypad by Mark stanley: to use the keypad blocks
  • LyquidCristal_I2C: to use the LCD I2C actuator.
  • LyquidCristal_BQ: to use the LCD I2C of BQ actuator.
  • TM1637: to use the tm1637 display. It is not in the arduino repository.Manual instalation required
  • LedControl: to use with the Led Matrix or 7 segments display - chipset MAX7219
  • ADXL345 Adafruit: to use with the ADXL345 accelerometer sensor
  • HMC5883 Adafruit: to use with the HMC5883 magnetometer-compass sensor
  • TEA5767: to use with radio TEA5767 chipset. Install the zip.It is not in the Arduino repository
  • MFRC522: to use with RFID card readed
  • Adafruit GFX: to use the TFT7735
  • Adafruit ST7735: to use the TFT7735
  • DFRobotDFPlayerMini: to use the DFPlayer mini MP3
  • IOT_ts: custom libray to manage conectivity with IFTTT and Thinkspeak
  • SparkFun_APDS9960: to manage the color and gesture sensor APDS9960
  • TinyGPS: to manage the GPS NEO-6
  • RF24: to manage the Radio frequency NRF24L01
  • CheapStepper: to manage the stepper 28BYJ-48. The general Stepper library doesn´t work with this stepper
  • MQTT_IoT:_libraries to use the WIFI communication using the MQTT protocol
  • MrtRemote: library to use two features: the MRT remote control using the dedicated connector and the start button of the board

How to install the libraries in Arduino

Follow this link to install the libraries


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